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    The PROsync Wireless System puts you in control.
    The number one complaint from homeowners in multi-story homes with a  single system is the inability to be comfortable in different rooms and floors throughout the day.
    Exclusively For Professionals

    What is PROsync?

    The PROsync™ Wireless System is an all-new wireless solution that allows you to maximize comfort in any room in your house. When different parts of your home are conditioned by a single HVAC system, it can cause issues. Even though one part of the house may be just right, another can be too hot. The PROsync™ system allows you to add wireless remote sensors throughout your home, providing a more accurate reading of the temperatures in individual rooms.



    Wireless Remote Sensor
    Up to 2 Heat, 2 Cool Conventional 
    Up to 4 Heat, 2 Cool Heat Pump
    Battery or Hardwire
    Programmable with the PROsync™ System
    Occupancy Sensor

    R751WO Product Information


    Wireless Outdoor Remote Sensor
    Accessory for the T755WHO
    Part of the PROsync Wireless System
    Battery Powered

    R250W Product Information
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    PROsync Installation

    1. Choose the equipment module location.

    2. Remove the front cover and attach the equipment module to the wall.

    3. Wire the equipment module to the air handler.

    4. Snap the cover back on. The C terminal light should be illuminated, indicating the equipment module is powered.

    5. Install batteries in the main thermostat and ensure it is communicating with the equipment module. Any changes to the main thermostat that create a call will now be displayed at the equipment module in the LEDs associated with the terminals.

    6. Choose the install location for the T755WHO. In the tech settings, check the “Signal Strength” tech setting and ensure the value is greater than zero.

    7. Remove the subbase and attach it to the wall using screws and anchors in the box.

    8. If you want to hardwire the thermostat, connect the R and C wires.

    9. Snap the thermostat onto the subbase. Make sure the connection is secure, and the display is illuminated.

    10. Add any additional remote sensors as desired.

    PROsync Features and Settings

    Scheduling with PROsync

    With scheduling the system, you can make different rooms in control for each part of the day. For homeowners with predictable schedules, this ensures each room will be the target temperature when scheduled to be used. Making the kitchen in control in the morning, your home office during the day, your living room in the evening, and your master bedroom at night is a great hands-free approach to maximize comfort.

    Occupancy with PROsync

    Occupancy Sensing
    This is an excellent solution for a home with multiple occupants. Each time a remote senses occupancy, it starts an automatic internal timer. The system is controlled using the average temperatures from only the remotes with active timers. When a remote’s timer expires, the system removes that remote from the average.

    FAQ & Support

    • Your indoor remote sensor is not connected to the equipment module. Suggested troubleshooting steps:

      • Check equipment module power - see equipment module troubleshooting here for further instructions.

      • See indoor remote connection troubleshooting here for further instructions.