Getting Started With Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa Overview

    Linking Process

    • Before trying to link, make sure the user has the Alexa app downloaded and they have logged in to the Alexa app.
    • If they have questions about this, send links to Alexa Help docs/Call center
    • Before trying to link, the user must have at least 1 thermostat in the Pro1 Connect App.
    • The customer should start the linking process from the Pro1 Connect App. Don’t start the process from the Alexa App.

    Thermostat Control

    • Thermostat names should be easily spoken.
    • Avoid numbers in thermostat names - these can confuse Alexa
    • Testing shows it can take 30-45 seconds for a thermostat to update after a voice command.
    • If the user has Scheduling turned on, if the user changes the temperature in Alexa, the thermostat will enter a Temporary Hold.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. At this time, PRO1-connected products are compatible with the Amazon Alexa platform and the Google Home platform.