ProSync Network Troubleshooting

    T755WHO & T751WO Indoor Remote Troubleshooting 

    The steps here will guide you through the process of diagnosing issues with your ProSync wireless network, starting from the indoor remote sensor models T755WHO and T751WO.

    1. Main screen - do you see “NO COMM TO BASE” ?

    The Remote is disconnected from the equipment module.

     A. YES

    1. Check the equipment module - is the equipment module powered on?

      1. YES - C terminal light is illuminated.

      2. NO - no terminal lights are illuminated.

    2. Try moving the indoor remote closer to the equipment module. Proceed to #2 after repositioning the indoor sensor.

    NO - go to #2.

    2. On the main screen, press the light button. Wait for 30 seconds ( It's important not to press the button again. You must press it, and then wait). Do you see the antenna icon blink 3x on the right side of the screen within those 30 seconds?

    1. YES - The remote can communicate to the base. Go to #3 if unsure.

    2. NO - go to #3.

    3. Go to the device tech settings menu and use the Next/Prev buttons to navigate to the “Signal Strength” Tech Setting. Check the status shown there:

    1. “HI” - good connection

    2. “LO” - poor connection; suggest moving remote.

    3. “NO” - Last Message Failed or indoor remote sensor is disconnected.

    4. Press the light button to send a test message from the menu and wait 30 seconds. Warning: your hands can affect the signal quality. Only test the device.

    Equipment Module Troubleshooting

    The steps here will guide you through the process of diagnosing issues with your ProSync wireless network, starting from the ProSync T755WHO equipment module.

    1. Yellow light x2 on equipment module

    1. When at the equipment module: 

      A. Confirm blinking pattern - 2x, then off, regardless of what the perceived color is.
                     1. One or more remotes are connected, healthy
                     2. One or more remotes are disconnected (bad)

        2. On the 755WHO, check the network device's tech settings.

        3. Press the “Plus” Button to cycle through the states.

        4. Does Active Outdoor Appear? If this says “NO”, the outdoor sensor is not
            connected to the equipment module.

        5. Compare Total Devices + Active Indoor. Is “Active Indoor” less than “Total
            Devices”? This means some indoor remotes are disconnected.

    Red light x3 on the equipment module

    1. Confirm blinking pattern - 3x then off, regardless of what perceived color is

      A. No remotes are connected to the base, neither indoors nor outdoors
        2. Check indoor remote batteries + position.

        3. Bring a remote to the equipment room (it doesn’t have to be right next to the equipment module, in the same room is totally sufficient). Press the light button on a remote, then wait 30 seconds (must wait 30 seconds, don’t press the light button repeatedly).