Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I remove my thermostat from the wall?

    To properly detach a Pro1 thermostat from its sub-base  gently pull from the bottom of the thermostat.  See the below example.

    Pull gently from the bottom to detach subbase image
    Can I reset my thermostat if it is not functioning properly?
    How can I upgrade my thermostat?
    What is auto-changeover?
    Should my heat be turning on before the WAKE programmed time period begins?
    Why is there a delay before my heating or cooling comes on?
    Why does my heating or cooling continue to run even after the set-point says to turn it off?
    I have a programmable thermostat but I do not want to use the program, what should I do?
    Why is my display blank except for the low battery icon?
    Why is my display light not working?
    What kind of batteries should I use in my Pro1 thermostat?
    How do I change my batteries?
    What does it mean when “FILT” appears on my thermostat display?
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