Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I connect my thermostat to my iOS (Apple) device?
    How do I connect my thermostat to my Android device?
    I cannot find where my thermostat shows TSTAT-####.
    How do I delete or reset my thermostats wifi information?
    Why don’t I see the TSTAT-#### network on my thermostat?
    I cannot connect to my guest network. What do I need to do?
    Why can’t I “Login with Gmail/Facebook” when I signed up with my gmail account?
    My thermostat is not showing up in the list of WiFi networks?
    Why is Continue grayed out on the Add a Thermostat process?
    My thermostat is connected to the router but won't talk to my App?
    Why am I seeing an offline notification on my app?
    Why did my thermostat update right away?
    Why I am receiving Energy Report emails each month now?
    Why did I receive multiple reports and graphs in my Energy Report email?
    How do I opt out of the Energy Report emails?
    What set at temperatures make the Globe Icon turn on?
    Do PRO1 thermostats work with home automation platforms?
    Can I control my thermostat through Amazon Alexa?
    The PRO1 Connect app says that I successfully connected my account with Alexa, what do I do now?
    How do I name my thermostats?
    How do I use my Amazon Echo and other Alexa devices to interact with my thermostat?
    I forgot to install the Amazon Alexa app but the PRO1 Connect app still said that I successfully completed the process, what do I do next?
    How do I change the fan operation inside Alexa?
    How do I put my thermostats into hold or change the fan operation inside Alexa?
    I need help Creating a Routine in the Alexa app.
    Do Pro1 Thermostats work on 5GHz Wi-Fi networks?
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