Frequently Asked Questions

    The PRO1 App didn't automatically find my thermostat, how do I manually connect it?

    The PRO1 Connect app will try to automatically find your thermostat. If your app does not automatically find your thermostat you will need to manually enter it. Make sure the “TSTAT-XXXX” network is shown on your thermostat before you begin the search. Press and hold the light button on your thermostat BEFORE pressing “Got It”.

    If there are a lot of WIFI networks nearby, they may interfere with automatically finding your thermostat. In this case, there are two options to find your thermostat manually.

    If the app cannot find your thermostat you will be prompted to enter it manually. Please add the four digits that are displayed on your thermostat screen into the four boxes on your app screen.  

    In some instances, this feature will be disabled and you will need to manually select the WIFI  network by leaving the app accessing your phone's WIFI settings. Select your thermostat from the phone’s list of WIFI networks. After selecting, please return to the PRO1 Connect App.


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