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Welcome Homeowner

Pro1 products are designed to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system. All of our products are built for ease of use and years of reliable performance. You’ll be delighted with the thoughtful features that make our products easier to read, program and operate. You will also have peace of mind knowing that our products are installed properly by a professional heating and cooling technician.

Heating and cooling thermostats are one of the most important products in our lives related to home comfort and energy use. We take our role of improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency seriously. Our high value products are reliable, easy to use and adaptable to future technology. We invite you to join the millions of satisfied homeowners already using Pro1 products.


How difficult is it to install a new thermostat?

It can be very difficult to do it correctly. HVAC system wiring and thermostat configurations have become increasingly complicated.  A properly installed thermostat saves energy, helps your system last longer and makes your home more comfortable. That is why Pro1 only sells to professional installers. 

Instead of making an arrangement with a doctor, getting an expensive prescription, buying costly drugs and spending much time on this, you can just click several times and get the required treatment right at your doorstep. Additionally, this type of pharmaceutical shopping features ultimate economy, since the cost of the offered medications is rather moderate and even low if compared with brand alternatives.



Why Choose Pro1?


Over 45 different thermostat models to choose from.  Our products range from cutting edge technology to very affordable models.



Making the simple complicated is commonplace in the thermostat world, making complicated simple is what Pro1 is about.



Comfort technology that consistently keeps the temperature where you want it, in any room of your house.



With Pro1, you have many energy efficient options to maximize savings.