Account Creation

    You MUST create a new account to log into the Pro1 Connect app.
    If you have already created a Pro1 Connect account you can jump to Step 4.

    Download The App

    The first step is to download PRO1 Connect.
    Please choose the appropriate link from your mobile device.


    How To Connect Your PRO1 WIFI Thermostat


    Step 1 - Log In Or Create An Account

    If you are already connected to an account, please skip to Step 4.

    Note: Multiple people can use the same account by sharing the login information after setup is complete. Once your account is created you must ALWAYS use the same login method. For example, if you login with google, you must always login with google. If you later attempt to login with your google email through the email and password option, you will create an entirely separate account that is not linked to your thermostats.

    Step 2 - Register Account

    After completing the required fields you will receive an email containing a verification code which is required to complete the next step.

    Step 3 - Verify Account

    Now enter the verification code from the email and select Create Account.

    Note: If you did not receive an email please check your junk folder. If you return back to this screen after selecting Create New Account, press Login.


    Now that you have an account it is time to connect your thermostat to your local WIFI network.


    Step 4 - Add A Thermostat

    Select Add A Thermostat to add a thermostat to your account.

    Step 5 - Permissions

    To add a new thermostat to your account, you must enable "Location" permissions for this application so we can detect when you have connected to your new thermostat's WIFI. Click the App Settings button below, select Permissions" option, and enable "Location" permissions.


    Step 6 - Allow Access To Your Devices Location


    Step 7 - Connecting To The Thermostat

    Press and hold the light button on your thermostat until the backlight flashes 3 times and the thermostat’s network appears on the thermostat screen. It will begin with “TSTAT”. Then press the Got It button.

    Step 8 - Connect to The Thermostat Network

    The Pro1 Connect App needs to connect to thermostat's WIFI network. Press "Join" to continue.


    Step 9 - Thermostat Found

    The Pro1 Connect app will automatically search for your thermostat.

    Note:If there are multiple thermostats waiting to be connected, you will have an option to enter the four digit network ID. (The 4 numbers that follow “TSTAT”) Press Continue.

    Step 10 - Thermostat Found

    When your thermostat is found, the app will display the four digit code. If this code matches what is displayed on your thermostat screen press YES.

    Step 11 - Connecting To Your WIFI Network

    Enter your WIFI network and password. If the desired WIFI network does not appear users can manually configure the network.

    Note: 2.4 GHz networks only. Passowrd is case sensitive.
    If the desired WIFI network does not appear, you can manually configure the network but selecting the box.

    Step 12 - Thermostat Name & Location

    Name and enter the location of the thermostat that you are connecting.

    Step 13 - HVAC Professional’s Contact Info (Recommended)

    Before completing the process, you have the option to enter the contact information of your trusted HVAC professional. This will be stored throughout the app for quick access whenever your system requires servicing.
    In order to experience our product’s full potential, they must be installed by a professional heating and cooling technician.