PRO1 Connect Private Label

    Displaying your company’s contact information is a great way to stay in contact with your customers and generate future business. PRO1 pioneered the free private label badge system which thousands of professional HVAC technicians utilize every day. In addition to displaying this information on the thermostat itself, installers now have the ability to display their contact information inside the PRO1 Connect app.

    In this video, we will outline the process of adding your professional contact information to a PRO1 WIFI thermostat using the PRO1 Connect app. This process does not require access to the local WIFI network so technicians can add their information to every WIFI thermostat they install. This step must be completed before the thermostat is commissioned.

    Private Label App


    Step 1 - Turn on the Private Label feature

    Navigate to “Account Information” and toggle “Private Label” to On.


    Step 2 - Enter Private Label Information

    Select "Private Label Info" and enter your contact information as you would like it to appear on your customer's app. When completed, press “Save”. This step is only required the first time you use this feature and will be stored for future use.


    Step 3 - Upload Private Label Information To The Thermostat

    Open the main menu and select “Private Label”. Press and hold the light button on your thermostat until the screen displays a four-digit code. Once you see it press “Got It”.


    Step 4 - Connect To The Thermostat

    Your device will automatically find the thermostat and populate the four-digit code. If it doesn’t self-populate, manually enter the four-digit code. Press ‘continue’. When prompted press ‘connect’ to connect to the thermostat.


    Step 5 - Complete Private Label Process

    Congratulations, your information has been successfully saved onto the thermostat and will be displayed at the top of the thermostat control screen once the thermostat is connected to the internet. Press "Done" to complete the process.


    PRO1 Connect Private Label F.A.Q.'s

    No, you only need the Pro1 Connect app, A compatible Pro1 wifi thermostat, and a power source for the thermostat. This feature works by connecting directly to the thermostat.