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    Why Choose Pro1 ?

    The Pro1 Difference

    Pro1 is a leader in heating and cooling technology. Your HVAC equipment keeps your home comfortable and is the most significant energy consumer in your home. Using the proper thermostat is critical to maximizing the performance of your system. That is why we recommend doing it right.

    Choosing Pro1 ensures you have the pros on your side.  Our manufacturing and quality control team has decades of experience and our products are installed exclusively by professional heating and cooling technicians. You can be confident your home will have the correct product installed and configured properly for your system keeping you comfortable while saving you money. Thank you for considering Pro1, we hope you join the millions of satisfied homeowners already using our products.



    Pro1 offers a variety of over 25 different thermostat models to choose from. Our products range from cutting edge technology to very affordable models.



    Today’s thermostat market is saturated with complicated features and gimmicks. At Pro1, we strive to be the simplest solution out there, without all of the unnecessary aggravation.



    Our products contain advanced comfort control technology that keeps the temperature where you want it, regardless of where you are in your home.



    Maximizing efficiency saves energy and puts money back in your pocket. Our thermostats are fully customizable to maximize comfort and efficiency.

    We focus all of our engineering efforts on your needs as a professional. Pro1 has
    pioneered many features that make your installations as simple and easy as possible.

    Are You A Pro?

    No Big Box Retail

    You don't have to compete with the giant big-box stores. We sell our products exclusively to professional HVAC distributors.

    Customer Support

    Tired of calling overseas when you have a problem with your installation? Our customer service team is well-trained and located in the USA.


    Pro1 is 100% linked to the professional HVAC industry. Your success is our success. If you fail, we fail.

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    Easy Operation

    Simplicity is important to homeowners and installers alike. From the installation to the operation, all of our products work the same.

    High Value

    We pride ourselves on being the best value in the industry. With Pro1 you get a feature-rich thermostat for a great price.

    Free Private Label

    What better way to promote your company then printing your information directly on the thermostat.  At Pro1 we offer a FREE private label program making your company the brand and generating future business.