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Why Choose Pro1?

The Pro1 Difference

Pro1 is a leader in heating and air conditioning technology. Heating and cooling controls comfort and is the most significant energy consumer in your home. Doesn't it just make sense to get it done right?

Choosing Pro1 ensures you have the professionals on your side, from our engineering team with decades of heating and cooling experience to our professional heating and air technician partners. Your home will have the right product installed properly and configured for optimal energy efficiency and comfort. Our customer service is second to none whether your product was installed today or years ago. Thank you for considering Pro1, we hope you join the millions of satisfied homeowners already using our products.



Over 45 different thermostat models to choose from. Our products range from cutting edge technology to very affordable models.



Making the simple complicated is commonplace in the thermostat world, making complicated simple is what Pro1 is about.



Comfort technology that consistently keeps the temperature where you want it, in any room of your house.



With Pro1 we have many energy efficient options to maximize savings, putting money back in your pocket.