WW160W Wireless Wire

Every technician’s dream. Have you ever been on a job where you need additional wires from point A to point B but it is going to be a challenge to run new ones? Whether you are upgrading systems or troubleshooting a cut wire, Wireless Wire is the solution. It replaces any 24 VAC wire run. Simply connect the terminals on one module and when those terminals see 24 VAC then the same terminals on the other module close.

W150W Wireless Repeater

Install this optional accessory somewhere between communicating devices, to repeat the wireless signal and extend the range.

T119 Wall Cover Plate

Pro1's heavy duty professional grade wall cover plate offers horizontal, vertical or junction box mounting ability. 


T150 Thermostat Guard

Protect you thermostat with Pro1's commercial strength locking thermostat cover guard.  You can install without removing the existing thermostat and is ideal for high traffic areas.