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    PRO1 has proudly earned ENERGY STAR certification for the T855iSH thermostat. This represents the commitment we have to reduce energy usage and lowering utility costs for our customers. To learn more please visit here.

     “ENERGY STAR is the simple choice for energy efficiency, making it easy for consumers and businesses to purchase products that save them money and protect the environment. EPA ensures that each product that earns the label is independently certified to deliver the efficiency performance and savings that consumers have come to expect.”   

    Are you spending more than you need to on energy?

    One of the many benefits of choosing a connected, Energy Star certified PRO1 thermostat like the T855iSH, is the ability to monitor and control your heating and cooling system at any time. This gives you the ability to truly maximize both comfort and efficiency. We provide multiple tools to help you make informed choices with your system to save energy and money. 


    Energy Efficiency Icon

    The Globe Icon on your thermostat detail screen in the PRO1 Connect app indicates whether or not you are making an energy-efficient choice with your “Set At” temperature based on EPA suggested settings. In non-programmable mode, the Globe Icon will be illuminated when the Set At temperature is below 62 in cooling and above 78 in heating. In programmable mode, the icon will illuminate at the following Set At temperatures:


    When the icon is illuminated, be confident that you are saving money, energy and increasing the lifespan of your equipment.

    "PRO1 provides you with the tools to make informed choices with your energy use."


    Monthly Energy Reporting

    Every month PRO1 sends an energy report to the email associated with the PRO1 Connect account. These reports provide insight into your equipment performance and energy usage to help you maximize your system. Each thermostat associated with your account will receive its own report combined in a single monthly email.

    This feature is optional and can be turned off in the thermostat settings in the PRO1 Connect app. If multiple thermostats are linked to your account you will need to turn off the reporting for each thermostat individually.

    More Ways To Improve Your Energy Efficiency

    In addition to setting back your thermostat there are other factors in your home or business that can play a significant part in your energy usage. Here are some helpful tips you can do yourself to maximize the efficiency of you heating and cooling system.


    Set A Schedule

    Use a schedule on your thermostat to set the temperature back when your family is sleeping or away saves on average 15%. Scheduling has never been easier than through the PRO1 Connect App.

    Use The Energy Star Recommended Temperature Settings

    The Department of Energy estimates approximately a 1% gain in efficiency for every degree you lower your thermostat temperature in heating and raise it in cooling. Wearing a sweater or adding a blanket to your bed in the winter can have a significant impact on your energy use.


    Regularly Change Your Air Filter

    A dirty filter constricts air flow and causes your system to work harder and run longer, wasting energy. It is best practice to check your filter every month, but you should never go more than 3 months. Any time it looks dirty, change it and never go more than three months.

    Consult A Professional HVAC Technician Or Energy Consultant

    In addition to these simple DIY tips there are many factors that can have a large impact on your home’s efficiency. A professional will evaluate your system performance, air leaks in the duct work and building envelope, insulation, and many other components. For some helpful tips on how to choose the right technician, visit the link below.