Original Brand For Professionals

An overview on why Pro1 is the true brand for the professional trade.

Choosing Comfort Brochure

Explains Pro1's basic, enhanced, and ultimate comfort solutions.

Pro1 Line Sheet (Tri-Fold)

A detailed spec sheet on all our products.

T900 Family of Thermostats

The 900 family offers sophisticated styling, advanced technology and an easy-to-see touchscreen.

T800 Family of Thermostats

The 800 family of thermostat has a striking design and the perfect blend of sophisticated features and ease of use.

T700 Family of Thermostats

The 700 family of thermostat offers the most commonly desired features at a great value. These models are easy to use and will provide years of reliable service.

T600 Family of Thermostats

The 600 family of thermostat offers a reliable thermostat at an affordable price.

T755S Spec Sheet

Wired remote sensing thermostat.

Wireless Zoning Spec Sheet

The specifications of our wireless zoning control system.

PTAC Spec Sheet

The PTAC thermostats allow you to control temperature away from the heat/cool source.

WW160W Spec Sheet 

Wireless Wire replaces any 24 volt control wire.

Pro1 Customizable Staging Brochure

Customize installs based on equipment longevity, efficiency and comfort.

Why Professionals Choose Pro1

Our core reasons why professionals choose Pro1.

Pro1 Showroom Overview Video

Great for garage and equipment room applications.

Why Choose Pro1 Commercial

Great for garage and equipment room applications.