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Wi-Fi Compatibility FAQ's

Is this app compatible with my iPhone or iPad ?  

Pro1 Wi-Fi app is compatible with any iphone that runs iOS 7.0 or higher.  Any iOS version before 7.0 will not work with our app and you will need to upgrade. 

Note: Only iPhone 4 or newer can run iOS 7.0 or higher.  Only iPad 2 or newer can run iOS 7.0 or higher.

Why can't I download the Pro1 WIFI App on my iPad ?

To access the Pro1 Wi-Fi App on your iPad you will need to log-in to the App Store and select "iphone only apps".  Then you can simply search for Pro1 Wi-Fi and download.

Is this app compatible with my Android phone ?

Pro1 Wi-Fi app is compatible with any android phone that uses software version 4.0 or higher.  Any previous version will not work and you will need to upgrade software.  

If I don't own a tablet or smart phone can I still connect my thermostat ? 

Yes. You can use our web app with any computer.  You can access it here Web App

Is there an app for Microsoft or Blackberry mobile devices ?

The Pro1 app is only available on iOS and Android devices.  However you can use our Web App in the browser of any device, including Microsoft or Blackberry.  

Will this thermostat work if I don't have WIFI access ?

This thermostat is designed to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you do not have a Wi-FI network to connect too your thermostat will still function as a normal thermostat, however you will lose the the functionality of your app.

I cannot connect to my guest network. What do I need to do?

Some wireless routers have features like guest networks. You will need to connect your thermostat to your home network

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