Line Voltage  
    Electric Heat Thermostat 
    Four Wire 


    Simple. Affordable. Professional.


    The display range of temperature 50˚F to 90˚F (10˚C to 32˚C)
    The control temperature range 50˚F to 90˚F (10˚C to 32˚C)
    Electric Rating 22A/120VAC Resistive (Non-Inductive) 22A/240VAC Resistive (Non-Inductive) 19A/277VAC Resistive (Non-Inductive)
    Differential 3°F Non-adjustable
    Mount Vertical wall mount/junction box
    Wire 6 inch leads (12 WAG)
    Dimensions of thermostat 2.9"W x 4.7"H x 0.9"D
    • Ambient temperature display

    • Simple single dial control 

    • No batteries necessary 

    • Great for baseboard heaters 


    T501ML2 Installation Manual

    T501ML4 Submital Sheet

    T501ML2-4 Brochure

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