Easy to read, Easy to operate.

In today's world, technology influences our lives from the cars we drive to the way we make our coffee. Thermostats are no different. We work hard to embrace new technology, while keeping our products very simple to use. Here are some of the features that already make millions of homeowner’s lives easier.

Very large numbers and display

Our thermostats have some of the largest display and numbers available. 

Separate ambient and setpoint temperature

All of our thermostats consistently show the room temperature as well as the desired temperature.

Step-by-step programming

It is so easy to set the schedule in our thermostat that most don't even need the manual. Scheduling will prompt you each step of the way.

Glow in the dark light button

The majority of our models feature an easy to find, glow in the dark light button.  This allows you to light the display without accidentally changing a setting.



Products Made Simple.


Pick from programming options, touchscreen displays and many other features.



Comfort technology that consistently keeps the temperature where you want it, in any room of your house.  


Remote Sensing

Remotely control the temperature throughout your entire home from anywhere you are.


Wireless Zoning

Simultaneously set rooms in each area of your home to different temperatures for optimal control.