Connecting with an iOS Device

iOS Steps for Connecting with an iPhone 

Before you begin Download the iPhone Pro1 Wi-Fi App from itunes.

Please have your home Wi-Fi network password ready.

Note: If you prefer to use a computer to set up your new thermostat please visit:

Step 1 - User Information 

Enter your name and email address to begin the account creation.

Note: Multiple people can use the same account by sharing the log in information after setup is complete.

Step 2 - Mailing Address

Now enter your mailing address.

Note: Multiple people can use the same account by sharing the log in information after setup is complete 

Step 3 - Connecting Thermostat

For security purposes you will need to leave this app to manually connect to the thermostat's Wi-Fi under your iOS settings.  The below screen lists the steps to connect to your thermostats Wi-Fi.

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Navigate to your iOS settings   |   Select your thermostats Wi-Fi from the list - Named tstat-####


 Enter the password - "tstatpassword"  |   Then select your Home Wi-Fi Network from the list




Step 4 - Wi-Fi Information

Next you will want to enter your home Wi-Fi password and name your thermostat something that helps you remember it's location.  Next you will want to enter the AUTH code located at the bottom of your thermostat screen.  Finally choose the time zone and whether or not daylight savings is utilized where you live.

Step 5 - Thermostat Location

To complete setup you will need to make sure you are connected back to your home Wi-Fi network which will require going back to your settings and selecting your home network manually.  When connected return to that app and make sure the thermostats location is correct, if different from your mailing address.  Then press register thermostat to complete setup.